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Portia Dee Interview with Dj Symphony on RadioInvasion.com

23 Sep

Portia Dee Interview with Dj Symphony on Radioinvasion.com September 19,2013.

Get to know Portia here:

Buy Portia Dee- Live Your Fantasy here:





LAFW Grand Finale Event with Li Cari W Hotel

23 Mar

This past Wed I attended LAFW Grand Finale featuring Li Cari and Live Auction.This event took place at “The Station” in the W Hollywood Hotel.






18 Mar

This week-end marks the biggest LA Fashion Event:LA Fashion Weekend at Sunset and Gower Studios Hollywood with KTLA 5.There was  incredible turn out Friday Night that featured the fabulous and fun Betsey Johnson!

There were many guests at this event.Lot’s of press,celebrities,designers and socialites mingling about!It was a great event.

Next,my friend and I went to Eva Longoria’s “Beso” in Hollywood to have some appetizers and join some more friends.Then went to a nightclub next door where we had a VIP table.The official after party was at Skybar in the Mondrian Hotel.What a fun night!






15 Mar

Last night was an amazing night of Fashion,Music and Art with Project Ethos and Audi at Avalon Hollywood -To celebrate LA Fashion Week.

 I had the privilege to be invited and attend this star studded event in a company suite.I sipped on champagne and listened to club music from DJ Taryn Manning, while I viewed top designer runway shows.It was Fabulous!





LA Fashion Week Presents Mercedes Benz,Xochi Fashion Show with SBE

12 Mar

This past Saturday kicked off LA fashion week with Mercedes Benz,Xoshi,and Ultra Swim Wear at the Colony nightclub by SBE in Hollywood.

Celebrities and Fashionistas gathered for a night of fun,fashion and fancy

While fast cars and fine fellows danced the night away

Ooh LaLa!





Michael Jackson Music Hacked from Sony;160 Million Dollar Loss

6 Mar

 Michael Jackson’s entire back catalog has been stolen by internet hackers,according to the U.K.’s The Sun.

Digital hackers have reportedly stolen the King of Pop’s entire back catalog, including unreleased tracks featuring Queen’s lead singer, Freddy Mercury, and hip-hop star, Will.I.Am. The crooks illegally downloaded over 50,000 digital files worth a reported $160 million.

In 2010, Sony Music paid $250 million to Jackson’s estate for his unheard material from studio sessions, when the pop icon recorded Off The WallThriller and Bad. The deal allowed Sony to release 10 new Jackson albums in years to come.

The attack on Jackson’s music reportedly happened months ago, but Sony has remained quiet until now.

A source told The Sun, “Everything Sony purchased from the Michael Jackson estate was compromised.”

The breach in the security of Jackson’s files was discovered during a routine monitoring of social networking sites, Jackson fan sites, and hacking forums.

theGrio: Paris Jackson claims vocals on King of Pop’s ‘Michael’ faked

 According to AOL’s music blog, the hackers could “slowly roll the songs out over a period of years, making obsessive fans shell out big bucks for each new CD.”

Not just Jackson’s work was compromised during the security scandal; unreleased music from Jimi Hendrix, Paul Simon, the Foo Fighters and Avril Lavigne was also hit.

This is not the first time Sony has fallen victim to hacking. In April 2011, the company suffered an enormous security breach where the information of more 77 million Sony PlayStation users was exposed.

Because the second breach happened so soon after the first Sony was reluctant to tell the public and sources within the company said they did not have to because there was no customer data involved.

They added that computer experts had traced the hack to the UK by examining a “fingerprint” allegedly left behind.

The Serious Organized Crime division took up the case and two men appeared in court last week charged with offences under the computer Misuse Act.

They denied all charges and were remanded on bail.





Portia Dee Interview with Dynamik Magazine

29 Feb

You’re currently working on your first album- tell us a bit about it and what we can expect? (a self titled upbeat collection of dance/pop tracks)

A lot of fun! It consists of upbeat songs that you would here in top nightclubs around the U.S. The stuff Dj’s love to play and remix in the clubs. I wanted to do a more Top 40 mainstream feel. I wanted to add a kind of fantasy element to some of the tracks as well. Futuristic in a kind of  ”Final Fantasy” way. I think we need new music for the new generation. Music has definitely changed; it’s now very enhanced because of technology. Now kids are very savvy and have the hottest gadgets and know how to use them. They want more online, video games and music. I hope to (make them happy and) give them this.

The first single, which is now available on iTunes, is title “Oh La La” what made you chose this song as your first release? What does it say to your fans?

We chose the “Ooh La La” song because it’s sexy and fun! We got many different responses as to what it reminded them of. Some said it sounded soulful others said trance and even others referred it to the new “Dev” song. I think guys and girls can relate to being in a situation when your at a club and first meeting that one person who turns you on. Lust, attraction, longing feelings of excitement when someone just does it for you. This makes you wanna…

It says you can go out and have fun and flirt and be sexy and turn someone on and that it’s perfectly ok. Especially for a young woman.

You first began your career with a role on VH1’s reality series “Flavor of Love”, what was that like? (character ‘smokey’)

It was a great experience.I was new to L.A.Got lucky right away after seeing a casting call for an untitled t.v. show with an undisclosed celebrity attached.It was “Flavor of Love” with hip-hop artist Flavor Flav.I never guessed that would start my career off but i am thankful i got that opportunity.Which has opened doors.

When did you realize that singing was your true passion?

I started singing right from the beginning so it was always my passion.Involved in choir and singing competitions and musicals.At 9 i got the musical “Annie”and this is when i got serious.For a 9 year old Hahaha!I think after being on a few t.v. shows i realized music is the right fit and my true passion.

 Who are some of your role models in the music industry?
 I have so much respect for so many.Jennifer Lopez,Katy Perry,Madonna,Britney Spears,Bruno Mars.
If you could collaborate with one person- who would it be?
Eminem because he is just so “Raw” and “Real”
Your website says your motto is “I can do it all”- explain what that means to you.
I don’t want to limit my talents into one category.I love to sing,act,write,draw.Passion is limitless.It’s
limitless.Why not do it all…
What are some other things we can expect from Portia Dee in 2012?
I hope to get involved with more charities.Shoot my debut music video.Get involved with producing a tv  show as well as possibly dabble in the fashion biz.This year will be busy!!!!
Sounds exciting!Thank-you Portia 
You can buy Portia Dee’s single on ITunes now

Ooh La La - Ooh La La - Single

Follow Portia on twitter @PortiaDeeSinger

Read the full article here @DynamikMagazine


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