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Do Barbie Implants Equal Success in Hollywood?

18 Oct

Everyone knows Hollywood is the land of dreams. Every year hundreds of thousands of young hopefuls move to L.A. in search of fame and fortune. Unfortunately less than 99.9% actually make it. The ones who don’t go back home, take another career path, or end up a drug addict. The ones that stay often get sucked into cosmetic surgery and unhealthy diets to keep up with a “hollywood” image.


The other night I was at an event and was approached by a guy who was mocking a girl who had huge fake boobs. He asked, “why do girls do that?” I told him that I thought it was a form of competition. One friend gets them and gets attention so the other friend gets them bigger. He said, “D?” I said, “try triple D! LOL! She better not be a stomach sleeper!”

The reality of it is that there are many health risks when you get this kind of surgery. Deformities as well as back pain and the wrong type of attention. Yes of course you will get fake attention, come on anyone will! A friend of mine got them and all of a sudden the types of guys that would approach her were completely different,and she was treated with less respect. I have even seen this type of behavior as well, one day I went to a computer repair shop and this girl with fake implants was told to move over because she was in the way. Then I was sitting there and the same guy said, “have you been helped ma’am?” I would much rather be a natural C than a triple D any day. Even Kendra Wilkinson said that the size of her breasts limit her job opportunities.

Heidi Montag is another example of a failed attempt to make a career for herself.She could never be a role model for anyone! She is a piece of work! LOL!

She spent between 2 – 3 million over 3 years on her music career and increased her boob size as well…and what did she get in return? Nothing :(

So girls please don’t believe the hype.It’s not worth it! Take care of yourself and your body.

Be happy with what you got:)

 Remember success is managed by your brain not measured by your bra size! :)


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