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Is Ariana Grande a Diva? Fights with Perez Hilton and Giuliana Rancic shows the pop star in a different light

13 Sep


Ariana Grande is rumored to have been causing Diva behavior and is being called out by entertainment insiders.From walking out on a photo-shoot.To demanding photos of her to be deleted.To refusing to give interviews and be filmed on her right side.

She even got caught in a fight when Perez Hilton made claims the star was doing cocaine at a party.

Ariana is threatening to sue Perez Hilton over the drama.


Giuliana Rancic confirms that Ariana refused to be shot on her right side and elbowed her to move to the other side.Giuliana thinks the young upcoming star needs to do everything right to have a good reputation.Giuliana says,if it was Mariah Carey it would be different but she is new and should not be going over board with her diva behavior.

Meet Singer Portia Dee! Portia Dee States, “It’s Not All Glitz And Glam”

10 Nov

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 2.54.39 PM copy    Image

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 5.05.48 PM
Portia Dee Interview by:

Portia Dee talks “Live Your Fantasy,” DJ Symphony, and time on “Flavor of Love”

10 Oct

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 2.51.19 PM

Entertainment is the hardest industry to break into, but a plus about it is that once a person is in, they are never truly out. Back in 2006, Portia Dee got her big break as a reality television star. But, most know her as a singer who is pushing her latest single, which is called “Live Your Fantasy.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 3.08.39 PM
Portia Dee made her debut in 2006 on “Flavor of Love” and was nicknamed Smokey by the titular character, Flavor Flav. As most probably felt or knew deep down, the show was not completely reality and these ladies put on a show. The filters have been off for some time and Portia Dee is now best-known for her music.
Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to talk to Portia Dee, as she is promoting her new single, “Live Your Fantasy.” Portia Dee is working with DJ Symphony and her single will be on his next mixtape. She talked to Hip Hop Vibe about the promotion of her new single, DJ Symphony, and “Flavor of Love.”
Interviewby @StrangaTheGreat

Portia Dee Interview with Dj Symphony on

23 Sep

Portia Dee Interview with Dj Symphony on September 19,2013.

Get to know Portia here:

Buy Portia Dee- Live Your Fantasy here:





Singer Portia Dee’s New Song on the Radio during London,UK Olympics

27 Aug

I am so excited to announce my debut single ‘Ooh La La’ has made it on the radio!To top it off,during the London,UK Olympics.

I am honored that it will be continually broadcasted all over the U.K. with listeners from the U.S.A,Canada,Europe and Australia!

Here is the radio debut:

Download debut single on itunes:

Ooh La La - Ooh La La - Single

Paris Hilton Makes Big DJ Debut

1 Jul

She’s back!Paris Hilton the Party Princess, Socialite and Reality tv star is back in the headlines and this time as a DJ!The DJ community has opened up their arms in a warm embrace to welcome the new DJ!NOT!!!The internet has gone crazy lashing out at the hotel heiress for “insulting” their craft by trying to just “look pretty” and “pretend” to really DJ.

Deadmau5 took to twitter,facebook and his blog to slam Paris Hilton for her DJ Debut in Sao Paulo for Brazil’s Pop Music Festival last week-end.


Then he posted a video clip of Paris at her gig on his Facebook page and wrote, “AS I WAS SAYING… its over.”

“thanks afrojack we appreciate it. We really really do. You are the man. Thanks,” he tweeted, making reference to Paris’ on-again-off-again boyfriend DJ Afrojack.

“funnily enough, were on our way to go smash the f**k out of Paris… no, not that one. FRANCE. That one.”

“jeez, it hasnt even been 24hours and im already INB4 ANOTHER PR DISASTER,” he tweeted Sunday night

DeadMau5 later apologized for his harsh words via his blog:

“All im trying to do, is put on my life jacket and swim as far away from this shipwreck as fast as i can. Because in all honesty, i just wanna be in the studio, making electronic music, and expressing myself by means of sitting in a comfy chair with my cat and my equipment… and of course, occasionally strap on a foamy mau5head get on the road and press a few buttons for you guys”

Paris Hilton’s ex,DJ Afrojack claims her set was “pre-recorded” and that he had no idea she had designs on DJing until he got a Google Alert after the show in Brazil.

“I’m not an asshole. I don’t want to put anyone down,” he said. “I think everyone should do what makes them happy, for all the right reasons. And I think it’s really important that if you seriously want to go in front of a crowd and DJ, you actually take the time to practice becoming a DJ. It’s hard work, you know – as a lot of people say, it’s not just pressing play. You have to know how the laptop programs or CDJs work, you have to know what the equaliser is, what the effects are. You can’t just pitch your flanger up and down and wave a flag.”

“I wasn’t supposed to say that, I’m sorry, but it’s true. Also, it’s pre-recorded. I wasn’t supposed to say any of this, my management’s fucking going to kill me. I saw it and was like, ‘Errgh.’ The reason why I’m saying these things is I’m pissed off ‘cause no one told me before, not even her.”

In conclusion, though, Afrojack reckons we should all have a chuckle and move on. “I see a lot of people going crazy, like, ‘This is the end of electronic dance music!’ No, it’s not. It happens, everyone goes, ‘Ha ha’, face-palm, then we continue doing what we’re doing.”

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Las Vegas Week-End at the Hard Rock Hotel with Pitbull,DJ Pauly D and Crosby,Stills and Nash

24 Apr

My week-end in Las Vegas felt like a complete “Fantasy World”.Don’t ask me how i got all the hook ups..guess Luck be a Lady!LOL!i had so much fun!From chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in the Hard Rock Hotel Villa Spa Suite 2 to a Vip Suite at the Joint Las Vegas to Putting on the Green “Tiger Woods” Style to Rehab..Aaaah think i died and gone to heaven!On paper i think i’m living someone else’s dream then i wake up and pinch myself and realize it’s my own! : )Here are some sizzling pics from my amazing trip…

 VIP Suite at “The Joint Las Vegas” to see 70’s band Crosby, Stills and Nash

Until next time Vegas!…..


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