Is George Clooney Already Getting Cold Feet with Stacy Keibler?

9 Feb

 Today E! News was about to break a story on George Clooney  and his bad behavior with another woman,not Stacy Keibler.They said Stacy would be upset about George kanoodling with another woman.

 Lately George Clooney has been acting a bit strange.Midlife crisis?Just recently he went on CBS and paraded his house for the world to see.

Over Superbowl Weekend George was no where to be found during Stacy Keibler’s Saturday, February 4th night, hosting job at The Bank Nightclub in The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas.

 Is George feeling stifled already after 6 months?Age difference?He’s 50 and she’s 32.Maybe he feels pressured by his A list friends to dump Stacy.Sources say George’s best friend Brad Pitt’s girlfriend,Angelina Jolie does not approve of Stacy because she feels George can do so much better.She gave Stacy the cold shoulder on a private plane ride to the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

George Clooney is known for  his bachelor ways.Plucking attractive model types from obscurity and then dropping them for a new flavor.

Sarah Larsen a cocktail waitress from Las Vegas

Elizabeth Canalis a model/host from Italy (now dating Steve O)

Stacy Keibler former Cheerleader/WWE girl.

George Clooney’s affairs are quite fascinating but not sure why all these ladies convince themselves they’re his “one.”

Who do you think will be George Clooney’s next conquest?Which celebrity would be perfect for George?

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